American and Haitian: a love with a taste of fiel.

Haïti Renaitra !

  • American and Haitian: a love with a taste of fiel.
  • By Jean Willer Marius – Aspiring Minister of Happiness for Haitians

Like two lovers who cannot bring themselves to live together or to leave each other, the American, and the Haitian has, since the dawn of time, maintained mixed relations. The latest episode of the Texas migration crisis has the merit of raising the indignation of this noble but often misunderstood people wherever their diaspora, fleeing the horror supported by our hosts, takes refuge. You don’t do these things to a friend!

Haitian is (so) entrenched in North America that it cannot dissociate itself without tearing apart a good part of the social fabric. The fact is that, many Haitianophiles, for having rubbed shoulders with us on loan and unlike some racists who are content to call us the poorest country in America, believe that Biden has done worse than his predecessor by offering this hideous spectacle under the bridge of this city with an undeniable slave past, the rope replacing the cage. A moral people do not deny to poor, tired migrants.

Champions of freedom, liberator of the oppressed, Haiti has always been present where human rights are not respected. Thus, he approved, the rescue in extenso of Afghan families in difficulty or the ‘repechage’ of these South Americans in danger. The caravan is made up of several nations but faithful to their traditions of pointing the finger at Haitian, jealous of his combativeness and his glorious past no doubt, they speak only of him, approving the fact that sorting is based only on the colour of the skin. El Liden will therefore have been more lenient.

Victims of his joyful culture, made of dance and laughter with open throats, the Haitian is perceived as violent when by chance he shouts at his wife or children to rectify what must be as it happens in all families around the world while others commit femicide upon femicide and are presented as little saints. The Haitian is presented as politically unstable with an atavistic hatred for elections, what they fail to mention is that they are the ones who install thieves at the head of a country they have impoverished and force it to accept this systematic dehumanization that they have helped to set up. How dare you? How can you ask a person to make a sacrifice that disgusts you?

It should also be mentioned that to regulate their migration policy, countries have laws that protect their territory and that any violation is punishable by refoulement. Every man is a man, if some peoples, notwithstanding the established principles, have been able to benefit from a free pass, the Haitian too should be able, if only because we constitute a docile people, hardworking and friend of all to such an extent that we are believed to be stupid and that we do not know how to defend ourselves, yet Haiti is a land of welcome for any foreigner who desires it. You are welcome with us and your natives refuse to leave this land that often enriches them when the Haitian is starving at home.

If you want to solve the Haitian problem, you could start by helping us with dignity and let us decide on the choice of our leaders. Stop forcing us into your culture when we are friendly but not similar peoples. Stop lending your soil to organize plots to assassinate our presidents but also and above all, stop protecting the squanderers of the reconstruction funds and Petrocaribe who are at home leading a wide life and notorious reputation. Preferably, help us to recover these funds wherever they are.

We demand that the valiant people of Texas be accepted and treated like any other people fleeing the local horror. It would also be a good thing if you increased the migration quotas for Haitians because the USA is also their country by love. They have lived there for many generations, have contributed to its construction, and are undeniably a proud people. It would also be time to stop mixing them in the issue of the TPS which is none other than a strong tax at the same time as they constantly live under the threat of possible deportation, granting them permanent residence on the basis of merit and in remembrance of all that unites us.

Certainly, the points of view diverge because where you see annoying ‘dirty Negroes’, others see wise citizens who follow their gold.